Why make a Spanish Will?

Peace of Mind and the avoidance of unnecessary taxes would be the first reasons that can occur to us along with the avoidance of problems with the law that can apply to some inheritances.

We also believe that there is another important reason. That is your right to have the ability to dictate exactly what you want to happen to your Spanish Assets. Without a Will, your heirs will be bound by the 'default rules' which may well not suit your wishes.

On many occasions clients ask the reason why they should make a will in Spain when they have one in their country. The answer is always the same, to make things simpler.

It does not seem like a big reason but when we explain the steps that must be taken for a Will granted abroad to be recognised in Spain and when we consider some of the situations experienced as a consequence of the non-existence of a Will in Spain our clients can soon understand the convenience of doing it.

New regulations passed in 2015 now mean that if you die without making a Will, Spanish laws will take effect and this may not suit your plans.

It is quite normal to have one Will in Spain for the succession of assets located in Spain and maintain another will in the country of origin with one being independent of the other.