If it is usual for a resident to believe that he does not have to pay taxes in Spain because he pays them in his country, more often a non-resident believes that he does not have to pay taxes. But the truth is that yes, you have to pay taxes. The most general assumption that gives rise to the obligation to declare this tax is given by the fact of owning a property in Spain.
Every non-resident person who owns a property is obliged to present a declaration between January 1 and December 31 corresponding to the previous year. It is the same case of the income of residents but in this tax the term to present the declaration is the following year.

We think that the money is better in the pocket of our clients than in the pocket of the Government and for that reason we make the presentations of the declarations of our clients between November and December every year. Except in exceptional cases the copy of the deed of purchase and the receipt of the Tax on Real Estate (IBI) is enough to prepare the model.

First we send a draft of the tax return to the client by e-mail and we ask the client to agree the figures.
Once they have been confirmed the declaration is prepared and submitted to the AEAT.