A property is sold more easily if potential buyers can obtain all the information they need to make an offer in a simple and direct way. When you want to put your home up for sale you will need at least the following documents:

  • Copy of the Purchase Deed
  • Receipt of the last local taxes paid
  • Copy of the 'Nota Simple' from the Land Registry.
  • Just as in the UK you will also to need an energy performance certificate.

 Having these documents available from the start means that there will be no delay in supplying them to the interested buyers.

We offer our clients an option that we believe can be very interesting for every seller. We call it Legal Health Check.

What does it consist of?

Basically we do for the client the same checks that a potential buyer and his lawyer would do before making an offer. From the information provided by the client (copy of the deed and the last receipt of local taxes) we verify the legal status of the property, possible debts, urban incidents, etc. Once the above is done, we extend a documented certificate with the different points of interest for every buyer.
If questions arise that must be solved before or at the same time of the sale, they become clear. In this way the buyer knows from the beginning the existence of the relevant issues that are going to be corrected and how. Our client has the security of knowing that these issues relevant to the sale can be solved. This increases the security and confidence in potential buyers and facilitates the sales process.
Of course the fees for this work are deducted from the fees of the subsequent sale.