Power of Attorney is very convenient because it is very useful and makes things easier for us and avoids trips and time to our customers. If any the heirs has not a NIE (Identification Number of Foreigners), necessary to file the taxes, we apply for it. Of course signing the adjudication deed and, in general, avoiding the client some unecessary trips when you are in your country. Not so many years ago, service companies such as banks, municipalities and different agencies used to collaborate a lot, but nowadays the protection of personal data means that access to information that was previously open is now only possible if we represent to the person with a Power of Attorney.

We have to say that in Ferrández Solicitors we may be a little different in this matter.

We do not ask or prepare General Powers of Attorney. Not with us, and our advice is not to do it with anyone. Especially since 99% of the cases most of the faculties included are not necessary.
The powers that are prepared in our office are those that we need to be able to carry out the work that you entrust us, of course we try to include all those faculties that may be necessary since this way we avoid bothering our clients, but in the same way we avoid everything that is not necessary.
For your peace of mind.

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