A Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows us to act on your behalf, saving you the problem of travelling to Spain on one or more occasions to sign various documents and open any necessary accounts etc.

Is a Power of Attorney necessary?

No, but it is very convenient because it is very useful and makes things easier everyone and avoids trips and time to our customers.

Typical uses of the POA are:

  • Applying for your NIE (Tax Number for non residents).
  • Signing the Water and Electricity Contracts.
  • Preparing payments.
  • Opening a Bank Current Account
  • Opening any other accounts and services required.
  • Signing the purchase deeds.

Unlike most other Spanish Solicitors, Ferrandez Solicitors, do not simply have a general POA which would allow us to do practically anything, even things unrelated to a property purchase. We prepare each clients POA individually to only give us the powers to do things necessary for the purchase.

It is is cheaper and quicker to have the POA prepared and signed in Spain at the beginning of the process, however, this is sometimes not possible. In these cases, the POA is prepared in Spain but sent to you in the UK for signing at a Notary Public near to you. The POA is usually prepared in both Spanish and English for your convenience.

The POA that is prepared in our office is one that allows us to be able to carry out the work that you entrust to us. Of course, we include all those items that may be necessary so that we avoid bothering our clients, but at the same time we avoid anything that is not necessary. For your peace of mind.

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