When you let us have the documentation we will do the following:

We will request the Certificate of Last Will Acts which is necessary to obtain the authorized copy of the Will.

If it is a death certificate issued in the United Kingdom, we proceed with its legalization by means of the Apostille of the Hague Convention and its translation.

We prepare an assessment of the inheritance and the calculation of taxes, notary fees, registration, fees, etc.

If the deceased does not have a will granted in Spain but in his country the initial procedures are the same as it is necessary to prove that there is no will here. For United Kingdom citizens at the same time the client must obtain Probate of the UK Will as well as the Grant of Representation.

The preparation of the documentation is not simple, especially when there is no will and the deceased is a non-resident.

In these situations it is necessary to determine who are the legal heirs. All of the resultant documentation will need to be translated and legalised for use in Spain.

Depending on the case, it may be necessary to obtain a certificate of law, a document proving that the laws of the country of origin of the deceased person have been followed. When we advise having a Will in Spain, it is to avoid all these complications for our clients. Something that in your country would be a simple procedure gets complicated a lot when you need to have all documents sent to a different country.