In order to be able to obtain the deed of adjudication of inheritance (Inheritance Deed), it is necessary to prove before the Notary who the heirs are. In order to determine who or who the heirs are, it is necessary to know if there is a Will. In order to know if there is a Will granted in Spain, it is necessary to request a certificate from the Register of Last Will Acts, which is a record containing the Wills granted before Notaries in Spain.

To obtain this certificate it is necessary to attach the death certificate. We need you to provide us with this death certificate, if you also have a copy of the Will made in Spain it will be easier to ask for the Certificate of Last Will Acts.

Along with the death certificate we will need the following documents:

  • Deed of the property.
  • Last receipt of the Tax on Real Estate (IBI).
  • Certificate of the balance of current accounts at the date of death.
  • Certificate of the value corresponding to any investment made in Spain.
  • Vehicle documentation.
  • Balance of loans or other existing debts at the date of death.