You may be told by the seller that ‘there are many offers’ or ‘this property is a magnificent opportunity’. This may be true but don't sign or commit to anything before taking independent legal advice.

At the outset, request a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Deed of ownership
  • Nota Simple
  • Property Registry Data
  • Catastral reference

Any of these will suffice and with this information we will make preliminary inquiries about ownership, charges, mortgages and the accuracy of information on the Property Registry.

We will the let you know the legal situation based on the answers to the enquiries we make

In addition, and almost as important as the above, we will prepare and send you details of all anticipated expenses, taxes and fees you need to budget for if you decide to go ahead with the purchase.

Buying a property in Spain is, in essence, no different to buying in the UK in that not many of us would consider purchasing without the help and guidance of a legal professional.

In Spain, partly because of the the different laws and language, legal representation is even more important.

It is quite common for buyers to sign contracts and pay large deposits without any real knowledge of the legality of the document or transaction. Is the property legally registered? Are there rights of way? Is the deposit refundable? The list goes on.

What we want is that you do not act differently than you would if you were buying a home in your country. Simply ask for advice and legal assistance before signing anything. In that way you can be sure that you know what you are committing yourself to and that you pay only the minimum necessary to have your offer accepted on terms you are happy with.

It's about your peace of mind, it's about making the purchase of your home a pleasure and not a problem. Making the preliminary inquiries will not delay your offer by more than one or two days and, in return, you will get information and knowledge on how to act in a way that will provide security and peace of mind when moving forward with your purchase.