Once all the formalities are finished we are ready to Complete the purchase. This involves the signing of the Public Deeds and paying the funds required.

We will need for you to indicate if you want to attend the notary or if you prefer that we represent you at the time of formalizing the purchase. In either case it would be preferable for you to grant us a Power of Attorney. This will enable us to act on your behalf in all aspects of the purchase and beyond (click here for explanation of the POA).

At this time it is essential to apply for the NIE (Foreigners Identification Number) and to open a current bank account.

The need to open a current account is not so much to facilitate payments at the time of signing, it is to be able to set up direct debits for water and electricity charges, community fees, and local taxes etc.

Once all is done and the last checks on the property have been made, a date is set for the signing of the public deed of purchase.


Is a Power of Attorney Necessary?